Apartment living is a convenient option when you need a home but you do not have the financial capacity to fund a property acquisition. While getting ready and saving up for your dream house, you may settle for a rental property that will serve as your personal haven.

There are many studio apartments in Scranton that you can choose from, serving hundreds of house hunters with viable options to enjoy a comfy and cozy home that they can afford. These are perfect for students who are starting to live out of their parents’ shadows, as well as newlywed couples who are still adjusting to a life together. To make your experience in apartment rental positive, it is a must that you keep yourself aware not just of your landlord’s duties and responsibilities, but also of your obligations as the tenant.

Pay Your Rent Consistently and On Time

Lease agreements propose a specific date each month when you need to pay for your rental fees. Be sure to keep note of them and to fulfill your obligations on time. If in case you will not be able to pay your rent on time, it is your duty to at least let your landlord know. If there is an open communication line, everything will be settled properly.

Keep your Home Neat and Clean

Once the keys to the door are turned over, the apartment unit becomes yours. Part of the responsibility of owning an apartment is to keep it nice and clean. While your landlord is expected to provide a cozy home apt for the asking price, it is your duty to maintain it the way it was turned over to your care.

Take Care of Damage you Caused

Damage caused to rental properties is your responsibility. If you or your guests break or damage any part of the rental property, you should be responsible enough to fix the damage that you caused. The only repairs that your landlord is accountable for are the repairs that address lack of insulation, faulty locks, and defective furnaces, among others.

Keep Additional Fixtures from Damaging the Unit

If you attach any fixture to the walls, ceilings, or floors of the apartment, be sure to keep your landlord informed. It is his decision to allow the fixtures or refuse their installation, according to their judgment. If the removal of the fixtures damage any part of the property, you must either agree to leave the fixtures and allow them to become part of the landlord’s property or cover the repair costs of the damaged portion.

Follow the Guidelines of your Tenancy Agreement

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There may be other rules and regulations stipulated in your tenancy agreement that you need to adhere to upon affixing your signature, so make sure that you read through the fine print of your contract before signing it. Disobeying the conditions in that agreement could hold you liable legally.

If you want your apartment experience to be positive, treat your unit with care and not just as a temporary dwelling place. Live up to your duties and you will not have a problem with your landlord or much worse, with the law.

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