There are currently over 2.3 million businesses operating in Australia. If you want to stand out among that throng of companies, you need to do something creative and unique. You can use social media, content marketing, or even influencer marketing to increase your presence online. But in doing, so you’re still marketing yourself the way millions of other businesses are doing.

If you really want to stand out, try something no one has been doing for some time. That is to use traditional ways to advertise, such as using promotional shirts or caps. Despite what you might think, these tools are still effective in promoting one’s business.

Advertising through your customers

One of the most effective ways to advertise your business is to let your customers tell other people about your products. This is the reason many companies are conducting customer surveys every now and then. A lot of websites offer surveys to visitors who are asked if they have been satisfied with the services or products. After they’ve collated their survey results, the website will post them on the home page. This way, when someone visits the website for the first time, they’ll immediately see that people are raving about the company’s products.

It’s the same idea when it comes to novels. Most best-selling books feature critics’ comments on the back cover and the first two to three pages inside the book, which are all positive. If a person browsing through a bookstore comes across that book, they’ll see that critics are raving about it. Hence, they might be enticed to buy it.

Why shouldn’t it work for your business? If your business has been doing well with customers and they really like your products, why don’t you let them rave about your company? Hire people who are expert in embroidery services in Australia and design shirts that promote your business. Then you can ask your loyal customers to wear these shirts every now and then to promote your products.

Promos for promotion

Hot Deals - red hot chili with chalkboard and text on wooden background

It won’t be easy to convince customers to advertise your products for free. They might even find it offensive that you’re suggesting that to them since they believe that they have already done you a favour by buying your product. Nevertheless, you can still convince them to promote your products without offending them. To offer your most loyal customers a promo to buy more items, give them embroidered shirts, caps, or any other items for free.

You can say that you’re holding a promo this Boxing Day. If your customers’ total purchase exceeds a certain amount, you’ll throw in a free bag or hat with an embroidered logo of your company. That way, your customers will be enticed to buy more products from you because they’re getting a free bag for their efforts. Not only will you be able to sell more items, but you’ll be able to advertise your company through your customers.

Advertising these days doesn’t have to be limited to social media. You can always use traditional ways to advertise your company and your products, as long as you are creative with the way you do it.

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