When you think of rustic charm, your mind immediately goes to log cabins and country cottages. These images evoke a sense of nostalgia and serenity, making them the perfect way to add some rustic flair to your contemporary home. But you don’t need to live in a rural setting to enjoy the beauty of this design style. By incorporating some key rustic elements, you can bring a bit of the outdoors inside your contemporary home. Keep reading to learn how.

1. Exposed Beams

One of the hallmarks of rustic design is the use of exposed beams. If your home has beams running across the ceiling, consider leaving them unfinished or painting them white for a more subdued look. Exposed beams add character and texture to a space and can help create an illusion of more height. If your home has no existing beams, you could install some decorative faux beams instead.

Some homeowners also like to expose the beams in their basements for a rustic yet industrial look. This is a great way to add extra character to your home without making major changes. Try painting the beams a dark colour to make them stand out. This is also a great way to cover up any imperfections in the ceilings.

2. Plantation Shutters

Because they are often used in country-style homes, rustic plantation shutters can add a touch of rustic charm to your contemporary space. These shutters can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl. If you want to add a bit of colour to your shutters, you can paint them or stain them to match your home’s existing décor.

If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient option, consider shutters with built-in insulation. This will help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. You can also find styles with motorized controls, making them easy to open and close.

3. Wooden Accents

Incorporating natural wood elements is another great way to add rustic charm to your home. A wooden coffee table or end table would be a perfect addition to your living room. Or, if you’re looking for something for your dining room, consider a wooden farmhouse table and matching chairs. These pieces not only look great but they’re also built to last.

In the bedroom, a wooden headboard can give your space a warm and inviting feeling. And in the kitchen, wooden cabinets or shelves can help create a rustic yet modern look. Even in the bathroom, a wooden stool or towel rack can add a touch of rustic charm. You can find these pieces in a variety of styles, so it’s easy to find something that fits your home’s décor.

A brick fireplace with a pile of chopped wood

4. Brick or Stone Fireplace

Nothing says cosy like a crackling fire on a cold winter’s day. If you’re lucky enough to have a brick or stone fireplace, ensure it’s in good working order before the temperature drops. Nothing will ruin the mood faster than smoke wafting into the room because your chimney needs to be cleaned! In addition to being functional, a brick or stone fireplace can also add visual interest to your space.

Some people prefer to leave their fireplaces natural, while others like to paint them white or another colour that coordinates with their home’s décor. If you’re looking for a more rustic look, consider leaving the bricks or stones unpainted. You could also add a wood mantel for an extra touch of rustic charm.

5. Plaid Fabrics

When most people think of plaid, they automatically think of the lumberjack look. But plaid can actually work in a variety of different styles, including rustic chic. To avoid going too country, opt for plaid fabrics in muted colours like grey, navy, or green. Then incorporate them into your decor by using them for things like pillows, blankets, table runners, or even window treatments.

If you want to add a pop of colour, consider using plaid in brighter colours like red or yellow. Just be sure to use it sparingly, so it doesn’t overwhelm your space. Try using it as an accent colour on your pillows or throw blankets.

6. Lantern Accents

Lanterns are another great way to add rustic charm to any room in your home—indoors or out! Try placing lanterns on either side of your fireplace or shelves along an empty wall for indoor use. You could even put lanterns in every room and light them with scented candles to give your home a warm and inviting smell. If you want to use lanterns outdoors, try hanging them from shepherd’s hooks along your front walkway or lining them up along your back patio or deck railing.

You can add rustic charm to your contemporary home in many different ways. By incorporating some key elements—like exposed beams, wooden accents, and plaid fabrics—you can bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, regardless of where you live. So get creative and start adding some rustic flair to your home today!


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