An office desk is a simple piece of furniture that people often overlook. You might not give it much thought until you realise that it could contribute to your productivity. In fact, the right one can help make your time in the office much better.

The correct desk for your — and your employees’ — individual needs could make your work more comfortable. This is why choosing the right office furniture for your Sydney work location can help a lot. Here’s a guide to help you:

The Type of Work You Do

1. It’s important to determine how you work. Does your work involve a team or do you work alone? Do you use a computer or are you more into paperwork? If you’re holding meetings by your desk, then you’ll need a bigger one. If you’re a soloist, then a smaller desk will do.

2. As mentioned, it all depends on the work you do. A rectangular desk is suited if you lack space and do your work alone. On the other hand, irregular desks like U-shape, L-shape, etc. will work best when you always hold team meetings by your desk. Another kind of desk is the stand-up desk which, they say is suitable for people who have back problems.

3. Space and ergonomics are also important. Ideally, a 29 to 30 inches desk height is good enough. Computer users should consider choosing computer desks than ordinary desks. Ordinary desks may not be as comfortable since their measurements don’t focus on where the monitor, keyboard, mouse, or any computer device will go.

Office Space and Other Things

4. Choose a desk that can fit easily in your office. Aside from that, you might also want to choose a design fitted to its theme. For example, a modern office commands modern desks. On the other hand, traditional offices will look good if the desks are also in the traditional style.

5. Office desks come in a lot of materials and styles. The most common is laminated wood, which is the more affordable choice. It’s durable and comes in a variety of colours. The more durable one is metal or steel desk, which has an industrial appeal and meant for long-term use. If you like something elegant, then veneer is a great choice. It’s more expensive, but provides the appearance of a lavish office style. The only downside to this type is that it’s prone to break easily, thus it’s not ideal for heavy use.

The Desk Quality

office sedk

6. The quality of your desk is important. It should not only be amazing in appearance, but sturdy as well. You can check the quality of a desk by examining its part like the drawers. The drawers should be manageable. You want drawers that have a lot of space to maximize storage.

7. Aside from that, you should also examine if the desk doesn’t have chipping. It should be firm to the touch. The corners should also be smooth to avoided skin scratches. Lastly, you want a desk that has a good warranty offer.

Who knew that you have to put a lot of consideration when choosing a desk? Don’t be deterred, though, because looking at your requirements will point you to the right office desk. There is a desk for each type of person or office. There is a suitable one for you. Keep hunting for the right piece so work can be easy breezy.

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