The world we live in today is not 100% safe. Crime rates are increasing and becoming more alarming each year. We turn on the television and see news about different crimes that took place in the area, leaving families hurt or heartbroken. 

Many factors come into the commission of a crime, like financial stability, social status, etc. Here are the most commonly committed crimes.

Property crimes

Crimes like theft and arson are property crimes. In general, these types are defined as crimes that concern the property of another person. And often, there are no individual casualties, except in some cases of arson.

We hear about burglaries, pickpocketing, shoplifting, etc. daily, which brings these types of crimes on the top of the list of most common crimes committed. But essentially, no physical harm or injury is caused to the victim, only the loss of their property. Even so, it’s a criminal offense that is punished by law.

Drug-related crimes

To regulate the possession, use, and selling of drugs, States have implemented laws involving these illegal substances. Drug-related crimes are one of the most commonly committed, with individuals from several different age groups also participating in the use, sale, and possession of illegal drugs. Most drug-related cases involve common drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, morphine, heroin, and synthetic opiates.

Alcohol-related crimes

Alcohol-related crimes include drunk driving, liquor laws, drunkenness, etc. The most common among these is drunk driving. More than 10,000 people died in the last 10 years due to drunk-driving crashes. That’s why police officers are keeping a keen eye on drunk drivers to help prevent road accidents.

Violent crimes

Among the violent crimes are murder, robbery, and rape. This combo sounds very extreme, but they’re very commonly committed crimes. Annually, there are over 16,000 cases of murder, over 101,000 cases of rape, and over 282,000 reported robberies in the US alone.

In violent crimes, there is physical harm or injury inflicted on the victim. That’s why robbery is in this category instead of belonging to “property crimes.” In a robbery, there is essentially the element of force, threat, or intimidation when taking the personal property of another person. Unlike theft, where this element is absent, thus inflicting no physical or bodily harm.

Disorderly conduct

Behaviors and actions that disrupt public peace and cause civil disturbance are punishable by law as a crime. Loitering and being drunk in public are some examples of disorderly conduct. This is a commonly committed crime but only occurs in small scales. Often, no real harm or injury is inflicted on other people, but it is punished for disturbing the peace.


The cases of fraud continue to grow at an alarming rate as the years go by. We see a lot of scams and identity theft online, which can be punished under the law as fraudulent acts. In these cases, the victim is affected due to the financial loss suffered. 

Many companies experience fraud in the workplace, whether caused by their trusted employees or third parties. This has contributed to the prevalence of the commission of the crime.

As an estimate, these crimes are committed more than once daily in different areas around the world. With the increasing number of crimes committed every day, more and more lawyers in Long Island are dedicating their professions for criminal defense. 

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