It’s been roughly a year since the pandemic swept all over the globe. A year where a lot of the things we normally do were upended. What was then known as the novel coronavirus turned out to be a deadly and life-changing virus that changed the world as we know it.

We’ve seen how most conventional jobs and businesses were taken out of the picture. People were laid off and furloughed while businesses and establishments were shut down. The fear of contracting the deadly virus became the major consideration of all government and leadership decisions. The federal government put in place certain protocols that were strictly implemented to protect the public’s health and safety. And with physical distancing and isolation among those protocols, many, if not all, industries suffered, save for a select few.

The pandemic sped up a lot of businesses’ transition to the digital realm. With establishments closed and folks locked up at home, they were left with no other choice but to take their goods and services online. Of course, they needed to adjust their target segmentation strategy or method and update their system of operations but the shift helped tide them all over and provide for families in this difficult time.

While some are still struggling to regain the momentum they lost because of COVID-19, certain industries thrived during the pandemic. At the onset, online orders skyrocketed across these industries, with a 162% increase in sales and a referral rate that went up 425%.

Food and Drink

The food and drink sector was the one that experienced the biggest increase in demand following the lockdown. This goes for both brick-and-mortar shops and online shops. Since most groceries remained open during the lockdown season, people have been emptying shelves for food supplies.

Online orders have also increased significantly. Since people cannot dine out, restaurants and diners pivoted. They turned to food preparation and delivery services instead to continue to meet the demand for the menu that their customers are missing.

Home and Garden

While people were stuck at home, a lot of them made sure that their forced home-isolation will be the most comfortable and pleasant experience they can have. For this reason, a lot of people started working on DIY home improvement projects, from painting rooms to giving their exteriors and lawns a facelift for greater curb appeal.

This brought about a spike in sales of items related to homes and gardens. People started buying painting materials, lumber, power tools, pieces of furniture, home decor, and plants to improve their living conditions and make being stuck at home a lot more bearable (and Instagrammable!).


As an industry, beauty and wellness were successfully growing and thriving in a pre-COVID world. Folks were more conscious about aging gracefully which brought about a greater demand for skincare, haircare, and other wellness products.

Throughout the pandemic, when a lot of people became too stressed and overwhelmed with anxieties and worries, online orders for beauty products increased. Those who are stuck at home and under a lot of stress figured out that self-care was the best remedy against stress and decided to pamper themselves instead.


shocked woman

Since almost everyone was stuck at home and not everybody could go out in public, many people would think that fashion would be the least of anyone’s worries or not a priority.

People started spending more money on clothes that made them feel good about themselves. Even if most of us joked about attending Zoom meetings in shorts since you can only be seen from the waist up, clothes, specifically RTW, were some of the top purchases people had during the pandemic.

Gifts and Occasions

Before the pandemic, people preferred to buy gifts for loved ones in person. They would go to shops and boutiques to personally handpick the gifts so they can see the item for themselves if it’s worth getting or not. However, since the pandemic forced us all to transact online, folks have brought not only their money but generated traffic on eCommerce sites.

If gifts were given on special occasions pre-pandemic, now the lockdown is enough reason to send gifts for your nearest and dearest.

The demands might slightly change in a post-pandemic world and there will be a shift in consumer behavior. This is why it is important for business owners to learn how to adapt to what’s going on around them. Their establishments may not be as lucrative as the five we mentioned here but a good business owner and entrepreneur knows how to pivot properly to meet the market’s needs at any given time.