Homeowners can get really busy. That’s a fact that can be supported by nice homes that deteriorate over time due to the owners being too busy to maintain them. A lot goes into owning a home and not everyone has the luxury of time — and money to keep their properties tidy.

If you’re a homeowner yourself, you know how difficult it is to find time to clean and keep a home tidy when you’re under a back-breaking schedule at work, with your studies, with your family, or with life in general.

After realizing you’re not the only one experiencing problems with keeping your home clean, your lawn mowed, or your kitchen spotless, you can see a silver lining — you can start offering services and get paid for maintaining other people’s homes.

You’ve been dying to venture into business owning but can’t figure out how or what business you’re going to start with. Worry not, for people will never stop wanting to make their homes look good, and a business in home maintenance services can be a good bet to start with.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

1. Cleaning Services

One of the most common problems that plague homes and their owners is the mess. When left alone, they can turn into a big inconvenience to the people residing inside the home. Another problem is that not everyone has the time to clean their house properly.

This is where you can come in, you can offer cleaning services to homes. You’ll have to purchase your own equipment and of course, employ professional cleaners. It won’t be easy to make a house, even a small one, look spotless without additional hands.

Start by offering your services to people in your neighborhood. You never know which homes are in search of a deep house clean.

2. Gardening Services

Got a green thumb? Well, you can make a living out of it. Not only you can do what you like, but you can also help homes look and feel better by designing and maintaining gardens homeowners don’t have the time for, or just want professionals to do the job for them.

A gardening services business can grow into a landscaping business if you have the right skills or a team of professionals to help you through it.

3. Apartment Fixing

No, you won’t be fixing run-down apartment complexes with this type of home maintenance business. You’ll be improving the appearance of an apartment whose landlord is looking for new tenants or buyers. They can’t exactly find potential clients with a messy-looking apartment, right?

Your interior design aspirations can be put to use in this business. You’ll be remodelling apartments to look attractive to tenants and buyers, after all. But you can also go to the cleaning route of apartment fixing where you’ll provide services to deep clean units to make them look presentable and ready for new occupants.

person renovating a home

4. Interior design

Interior design is an important aspect of home maintenance, and people are willing to pay for interior design services. If you have the skills, experience, and credentials, you can design for clients and build your network from there.

You’ll be helping homeowners achieve their design goals while keeping their interior needs in check. Networks also play a big role in this business, you’ll be working with suppliers, clients, and other professionals such as architects and engineers.

Future clients usually come from recommendations. This is why you should give every job your all, they can be the source of the next one.

5. Repair Services

If you’ve got hands that can tinker with parts of homes and make them work again or work even better, you can start offering repair services. Your neighbors might be in need of furnace repair services and you can jump in to help.

As you get more clients, you’ll be needing additional help from other repair professionals to make sure you can serve multiple clients and build a network of loyal ones.


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