Housekeeping isn’t just about dusting and vacuuming. It’s also about taking back control of your life. If you want to get your affairs in order, you must start with your home. Cleanliness lays the foundation for a simpler and more organized life. Everything starts at home, and you can’t expect to succeed anywhere else if you can’t keep it clean and organized.

Mental health experts say that cleanliness and your state of mind are connected. If you clean regularly, you’re more likely to be happy and content. On the other hand, excessive clutter and disorganization only add to your stress. You might feel overwhelmed and anxious. Even something as simple as loading the dishwasher or taking out the trash can do wonders for your mental health.

Cleaning your home might help pull you out of a funk. However, doing chores isn’t exactly the most appealing idea. It might even add to the stress you already feel. One way to change that perception is to think of cleaning not as a burden but also as a therapeutic act. You can use this technique to reframe a beneficial activity with a negative perception.

People put off doing something not because they’re lazy but because something prevents them from doing it. Let’s say you’ve put in new carpet & flooring. You might be afraid to clean for fear of damaging your new floor. Here are a few tips that will help you get over that concern.

1. Pace yourself

Some people go all-in when trying something new. What’s true for sports and hobbies also applies to everyday housekeeping. In your desire to bring order to your home, you might feel compelled to buy new cleaning equipment. Take a step back and slow down. Adopting a slower and more deliberate pace will help you avoid making a rash decision.

Let’s start with cleaning equipment. Assess your needs and buy only the essentials. If you already have a vacuum cleaner, you don’t need to buy a new one. It might be helpful to buy extra microfiber cloths, however. You can also make your own cleaning agents using things you can find in your cupboard or pantry.

For starters, you’ll need vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and vegetable oil. You can accomplish most cleaning tasks with these four items, and you won’t have to use any harsh and expensive chemicals. If you want your home to smell good, you can also use essential oils and other natural scents.

2. Invest in a good brush

Just as painters invest in a good paintbrush for their work, you also need to get a proper brush for heavy-duty cleaning. The right set of tools can help you accomplish many things. The same goes for anything used in housekeeping, such as sponges, brooms, and household cleaners. While you don’t need to buy an extra mop or something similar, it helps to have extras for disposable items such as napkins and cloths.

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3. Air out your home

Housekeeping would be definitely easier if you let nature do some of the heavy lifting. For instance, you can improve indoor airflow during cleaning by opening the windows. You don’t want harsh chemicals to spread around your home through the ventilation system, and opening a window allows you to keep the fumes localized. External airflow also acts as a natural dehumidifier, which can help keep the mold at bay.

You might even want to open the windows from time to time, even if you’re doing nothing. There’s only so much your ventilation system can do to keep your indoor air clean, and you’ll want to replenish your supply of natural air regularly.

4. Use natural cleansers

Supermarket aisles are full of chemical cleaners, all designed to do one thing: to clean your home. But you don’t need to use something with an unpronounceable name to keep the floors shining. Browse the aisle, and you’re bound to see a few similarities. Many of these cleaners use the same ingredients, some of which you can find in your cupboard.

Let’s say you want to polish your wooden dining table. You’ll probably use a chemical polish from the supermarket. What if I told you that you could use regular vegetable oil to polish wood? Just mix white vinegar and water to create a cleaning solution that will remove gunk from the surface. Next, apply a few drops of vegetable oil to a microfiber cloth and use it to polish the surface. You can even add essential oils to make it smell better.

The bottom line

If there’s one simple thing that can do wonders for your mental health, it’s regular housekeeping. Invest in the right tools and allot time to clean your home regularly. These four tips prove that anyone can get their affairs in order without having to spend too much time or energy.


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