The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted multiple businesses across industries, forcing many to close down their shops permanently. However, some industries are uniquely profiting from the coronavirus. Amid the pandemic, consumers have discovered new demands and needs, which opened up various business opportunities.

Among the booming industries today is health and wellness. People have grown more conscious of their well-being due to the public health crisis. They’re looking for products and services that can boost their immunity, helping them ward off the virus.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, healthcare is one of the most lucrative industries you can enter right now. Below are profitable healthcare business ideas and health and wellness franchise opportunities to consider.

1. Personal Training

With the right skills and education, becoming a personal trainer is one of the quickest avenues to entrepreneurship. There’s no requirement for certification or education, but having both can greatly increase your marketability.

Personal training isn’t just for those who want to build muscle. Many trainers also work with people who want to improve their mobility and flexibility, teens who want to condition their bodies for sports, and others who are recovering from injuries. You can align your specialization according to your existing skills and knowledge, helping you become an effective personal trainer.

The best thing about becoming a personal trainer is that you can do it online. You can meet your clients via video call, so you wouldn’t have to meet in person. Creating online courses and video training materials is also popular among personal trainers today.

2. Senior Home Care Services

The percentage of elderly people in the country is growing, which means services supporting healthy aging are in demand. Now that social services are difficult to find because of the pandemic, senior care services have grown even more popular.

Elderly caregiving doesn’t have to be a full-time nursing job. You can offer simple services, such as light housekeeping and laundry, errands and shopping, medication reminders, and even just companionship.

You can either franchise an established senior home care service or offer minimal services on your own. There are senior care certifications and trainings that can teach you everything you need to know about caring for the elderly, especially those with medical conditions. These training courses are also critical to enhancing the level of care you provide.

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3. Pharmacy Franchise

Licensed pharmacists can open their own drugstores through franchising. This is an especially profitable business opportunity in areas with few pharmacies.

Buying a franchise instead of opening an independent drugstore means you already get an established business plan and brand identity. This helps reduce the risk of failure and offers easy opportunities for rapid expansion.

If you’re opening a new location, partner with local healthcare providers and caregivers to market your store and build a solid customer base.

4. Eye Care Center

Screen time increased because of the pandemic, which led to more cases of eye strain and other eye problems. As such, buying an eye care center franchise is a potentially lucrative business opportunity.

Eye care services include eye examinations, eyewear and their accessories, and contact lenses. Adjustment, repair, and replacement services are also included.

Many optical retail chains don’t require you to have a medical background to own a franchise, although it will significantly help. In such cases, you can ask the franchisor for support in securing the equipment and technology and hiring the right people.

Keep in mind that every business idea has its own risks. Even if the venture has plenty of potential, multiple factors contribute to the success of your business. Research the industry, business, and market thoroughly before making any permanent decision. Take inventory of your existing skills and knowledge to determine which entrepreneurship opportunity suits you best.

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