For the last few weeks, Marie Kondo, Netflix, and joy have become synonymous. Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant, has become famous not only for her hit online streaming show but also for her unique method of decluttering. She encourages homeowners to sort items according to how they spark joy.

You may never get to have a Netflix show or a book deal (for now), but you can take a hint from Kondo and open a business that revolves around sparking happiness and cleanliness. Here are four ideas:

1. Commercial Cleaning

Many businesses find themselves in a catch-22 when it comes to cleanliness. While they know a clutter-free environment is essential, they cannot do it themselves. After all, they have other significant matters to attend to. For them, it doesn’t pay the bills, but for you, it can.

Open yourself to commercial cleaning franchise opportunities. It’s one of the easiest ways to begin the business. You and your team will receive the right training, supplies, and support.

Your franchise company may assist you with marketing and even looking for financing. You will have access to years of experience and knowledge, as well as expertise.

2. Organization Consultancy

You can also take the path Kondo walked on: be an organizing consultant. Your job is to create a sense of order amid the chaos. It may sound easy, but it’s not.

Some people may be resistant to change, and that includes getting rid of the items they don’t need. Different strokes for different folks apply as well. It means your strategy for one may not work for all the others.

The upside is since it’s a service-oriented business, your overhead costs can be low. It is a niche enterprise, but your customers are more likely to be loyal and willing to pay a premium price.

3. Home Products Retailer

display of furniture and parts of modern interiors

What if you don’t have a knack for cleaning or organizing? You can still be like Kondo, but this time, you take the retailer route. You sell a variety of home products, particularly those that encourage organization.

These may include multifunctional furniture pieces (think Ottoman that also serves as storage), waste bins, wicker baskets, plastic containers, mason jars, and a whole lot more.

You can look for suppliers online and offline, or you can make your own and sell them on specialized shops such as Etsy.

4. Psychology Clinic

Studies show there’s a strong connection between hoarding and mental disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, and depression.

For some people, therefore, organizing their things is not the primary solution—it is going after the root cause. If you have a degree and experience in psychology, you can use your skills to help others declutter not only their space but also their minds and lives.

With your proficiency and love for organization, and perhaps some stroke of luck, you may achieve the same success as Kondo. If not, then you still have a profitable business you can enjoy and helps others.


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