December is here, which means summer has officially begun in the Land Down Under! Squeeze in as much fun as you can with family and friends. And no, you don’t need to empty your wallet or max your card to keep everybody happy. Instead of going to the movies or the theme park, give these ideas a go. Your family will love them and you get to spend more quality time with them. Talk about a win-win situation!

Have Fun at Home This Summer

1. Stargaze in the backyard.

You can set up a tent outside your backyard studio and spend an entire evening (or several evenings) outside in the summer watching out for shooting stars. Be sure to make a wish when you see one!

2. Bonfire fun!

Bonfires are always fun. Set up in a safe spot in your backyard and bring out the chocolate and marshmallows for smores.

3. Make a water blob.

Using some plastic sheeting, duct tapes, and tons of water, make a bed of water you and your kids can roll, jump, and run around on.

4. Go fly a kite.

Buy a kite — or better yet, make one — and have hours of fun in the sun with your children as you tell them stories about your own childhood kite-flying fun with your friends.

5. Make some squirtable chalk.

Get the family together on this project from Growing a Jeweled Rose. Imagine drawing on your driveway without getting chalk on your hands!

6. Make mason jar aquariums.

So you can’t go to the beach? Why not bring a piece of the beach home with this fun project for the kids? All you need is some mason jars, blue food coloring, some plastic toys, pebbles, and voila! You got yourself a mini-aquarium. Get the instructions here at Hello, Wonderful.

7. Water gun painting.

Who doesn’t like getting in on some messy fun? Whip out those water pistols and create your own masterpiece in this fun activity. Don’t worry, you can easily wash off whatever colorful mess you make with your garden hose. Get the details from Fireflies and Mud Pies.

8. Make a Christmas wreath.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, why not use some of your idle time to come up with personalized decor to add some personality to your home?

9. Invite friends and family over for a backyard potluck.

Get the whole gang together for an afternoon picnic in your backyard. Prepare the main course, but assign some folks to bring sides and desserts for a more well-rounded menu.

10. Outdoor movie night.

Movie night with friends

Host an outdoor movie night with friends and family. Just set-up some inflatable mattresses and pillows to make your guests comfortable. Pass the popcorn!

11. Play in the dirt!

It’s always fun to get down and dirty. Make it an educational activity by teaching them about gardening. You can ask them to help you tend to the garden and teach them basic gardening skills.

Having fun in the summer does not have to break the bank. All it takes is a little ingenuity and resourcefulness to make a fun and meaningful summer for you and your family.


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