Our Work

As 200 million gallons of crude oil gushed into the waters off Louisiana’s coast in April 2010, fishermen, seafood processors and distributors — many of whom were still recovering from the impact of Hurricane Katrina — realized that the disaster would have a heavy impact on their short-term and long-term livelihoods.

That’s when our work with the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board began. Our task: to raise awareness of the challenges and hardships now facing thousands of people in Louisiana’s seafood industry.

News Strategies was uniquely positioned for the job.

We’re a streamlined shop of experienced journalists and top editors around the country, close to the clients we serve. This approach enables us to quickly access key players and to give our clients an essential edge to become a trusted, balanced source — which we’ve done for many clients, including Imperial Sugar Company, Cargill, University of Rochester, VideoLink,  Retirement Living TV and the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board.

Working with the Seafood Board, we developed strategic messages, objectives and a focused game plan. We quickly assembled a team of journalists with the industry expertise required for the job. Meanwhile, our web development team developed a custom news site that would be highly search engine- and social media-friendly, and we established a news site with a timely domain name — LouisianaSeafoodNews.com.

Meaningful outcomes for Louisiana seafood

Months after the original oil-spill crisis, we continue to produce original daily news stories each week for the site, attracting thousands of unique visitors to the site monthly, and generating dozens of media interviews for seafood-industry leadership.

Tangible outcomes:

  • LouisianaSeafoodNews.com, like all the news sites we produce, has become a highly read, credible source for news and information within a few short weeks, surpassing other industry-sector websites in popularity.
  • Has become a valuable wellspring of ideas for the mainstream news media. We make it easy for media to find expert quotes, high resolution news-style images, and broadcast-quality HD video we produce has been aired by CBS News, CNN, BBC, NBC and PBS NewsHour.
  • Generated a high percentage of repeat visitors, who spend two minutes or more checking new stories.
  • LouisianaSeafoodNews.com is credited with helping to garner a $30 million settlement from BP for rebranding Louisiana seafood.

Bottom line: It’s news, not PR.

Brand journalism is today’s best approach to image and reputation management. It helps to get news, issues and brand reputation out of the shadows and into the spotlight — fast.